The Centre

For your conference, business, community, or celebratory event, Nyima Tashi offers a spacious and elegant environment that stands apart from traditional conference centers. Imbued with the warmth evoked by the presence of spiritual teachers, meditation practice, and mindful community, the ambience of our center will lend memorability and gravitas to your event.

Enhanced by beautifully appointed, yet unobtrusive furnishings integrating East / West art objects and antiques, Nyima Tashi’s aesthetic will blend effortlessly with your own.

The meditation hall easily accommodates 180 people, and can be divided for smaller groups. A full kitchen, large dining and foyer area, book shop and small meetings room are also available for hire as well as an expresso bar.

The fine restaurants, cafes, boutiques, gift stores and entertainment of Ponsonby, and Auckland’s famous “K” Road are within three minutes walk of the center.

All facilities are available for hire. You are most welcome to view Nyima Tashi and discuss our fee, by contacting Ven. Jangchub Lhamo at (09) 376 6113 or email us at nyimatashi.nz@gmail.com.


Centre Layout




Lounge and Sitting Area


Sitting Area








Meditation Room

Meditation Hall

The meditation hall easily accommodates 180 people, and can be divided for smaller groups.

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Short Term Residential Retreats

For those interested in engaging in short-term residential meditation retreat, accommodation is available within the residential area of the center. Spiritual guidance is available, upon request, to those undertaking retreat.

To maintain the sanctity of our residence, retreatants are asked to abide by the traditional Buddhist precepts of not taking the lives of beings (killing), not taking that which is not offered (stealing), avoiding sensual misconduct, not engaging in false or damaging speech, and not abusing substances causing intoxication and heedlessness. residence_03s.jpg residence_03s.jpg residence_03s.jpg

Buddhist Wedding Ceremonies

Nyima Tashi is available to marry couples, and for the renewal of wedding vows, within the Tibetan Buddhist tradition. Our facility may be utilised for your post ceremony, wedding celebration.

The western marriage ceremony frequently focuses on the development of an exclusive love relationship between two people. In contrast, the Buddhist marriage ceremony invites awareness of the coming together of two spiritual friends, whose love may contribute to the cultivation of compassion and wisdom between themselves, and for the benefit of friends, families, and society.

The Buddhist wedding ceremony unfolds as a beautiful and tender dedication to each other and to all sentient beings, through the development of the six Buddhist paramitas or “perfections,” of generosity, discipline, patience, exertion, meditation and prajna (wisdom).

To learn more about marriage in the Buddhist tradition, please contact Ven. Jangchub Lhamo.

Cafe and Expresso Bar

Nyima Tashi has a new addition to the centre in the form of an Expresso Bar/Deli/Take out. The cafe is open to the public, Tuesday - Friday from 7am until 2pm.